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Our work is based on the idea of community: we speak with dyers as fellow dyers, with weavers as fellow weavers.

We also want to engage with our peers around the world, people with a serious interest in improving the lives of the rural poor in Indonesia and elsewhere.
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YPBB works in some of Indonesia's most impoverished areas, raising the capacity of rural handicraft producers to build wealth, conserve their environments, and protect their cultures. Select an island from the dropdown menu above, and take a look at YPBB projects around the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the relationship between the YPBB Foundation and Threads of Life?
A: Fulfilling YPBB's mission-developing secure livelihoods, environmental sustainability, and cultural continuity-requires access to a stable, high value marketplace for the products made by our partner communities. The Threads of Life gallery in Ubud, Bali provides that access. Threads of Life is fair trade certified, with a focus on natural materials and cultural integrity, and provides excellent marketing for the rural producers who work with YPBB.
Q:  What is the relationship between the YPBB Foundation and Give2Asia?
A: The YPBB Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organization with no official presence in the United States. Give2Asia, a US-based charity organization started by the Asia Foundation, is YPBB's fiscal sponsorship partner and makes it possible for donors in the US and Hong Kong to be eligible for a tax deduction for contributions to the YPBB Fund.
Q: Can I volunteer with YPBB?
A: YPBB accepts some volunteers through Australian Volunteers International. Any other volunteer openings will be posted in our quarterly newsletter. Sign up to receive the newsletter on the SUBSCRIBE page.

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