Your major gift or small contribution can benefit a community.

Inform a Community Send four editions of our newsletter with research, business guidance, and more.US$ 3.50

Field Visit Train a weaver in basic finance or forest conservation in her home community.US$ 10

Weeklong Field Workshop Give one woman in-depth, practical knowledge of microfinance or cooperative business building.US$ 100

Weeklong Bali Workshop Train a weaver in marketing and dye science at our training facilities in Bali.US$ 385

Include a Community in the next Nusantara Weavers' Festival, and jumpstart new rural businesses.US$ 1,500

Safeguard Traditional Culture by supporting a year of educational outreach at the Sikka cultural center in Watublapi.US$ 5,000

Save 1000 Hectares of the largest remaining forest in southeastern Indonesia through sustainable community management systems.US$ 30,000

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YPBB works in some of Indonesia's most impoverished areas, raising the capacity of rural handicraft producers to build wealth, conserve their environments, and protect their cultures. Select an island from the dropdown menu above, and take a look at YPBB projects around the country.

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Below are links to some of the documents produced by YPBB, including training materials developed for our partner communities and short versions of final project reports.

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