Incubate Community Businesses

  • Community-based business model
  • Proven incentives to encourage investment in new skills and restoration of natural resources.
  • Building cooperatives that work efficiently, sell collectively, and administer savings and credit.
  • Focus on the consumer to build sustainable, independent businesses.

Community Forest Stewardship

  • Developing resources that are sustainable and ecologically sound.
  • Natural dyes for health, safety, cultural integrity, and higher incomes.
  • Scientific research for efficiency and conservation, conducted in the lab and in the field.
  • Protecting endangered plants with community planning

Nurturing Traditional Culture

  • Preserving Local Knowledge through workshops, research, and training.
  • Building a Nationwide Community of Weavers to share experiences in dye-making, conservation, business, marketing, and more
  • Cultural, Educational, and Eco-Tourism turning cultural assets into a diverse local economy.

Theodora Niga Ldun
Ina Tula Tani Cooperative
Tapobali, Lembata

“Without the foundation, everything would still be like it was when the staff first came. We feel happy that people like YPBB listen to us. We are little people in our area, used to being on the outside.”

Talu Lius
Jasa Mandiri Cooperative
Sintang, Kalimantan

“YPBB doesn’t only care about preserving nature, but also joins in protecting the culture and traditions of the place.”

I Wayan Karya
Karya Sari Warna Alam Cooperative Seraya, Bali

“Before, I sold synthetic-dyed cloth with a standard sale price, but now my sales fetch a price five times higher.

Imaculata Bataona
Cinta Budaya Cooperative
Lamalera, Lembata

“The market is now clear, and it really helps with household economic needs, especially education. [Before YPBB,] we could only wait for the fish from the catch; but now with weaving, education is very smooth.”