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Bebali Foundation (YPBB) works in some of Indonesia’s most impoverished areas, including East and West Nusa Tenggara, the interior of Kalimantan, and the mountains of Sulawesi.

Our peer-to-peer methodology and community outreach strategies are bringing benefits to traditional artisans all over Indonesia who wish to maintain and express their cultural heritage.

For Major Grantors

Most of the work of The Bebali Foundation (YPBB) has been made possible by large, targeted gifts. Major donors have included generous individuals, corporations, large and small arts organizations, and national and multi-lateral development organizations” – to see a select list, click the Donors box at the top right of this page.

If you or your organization are interested in supporting YPBB with a large gift or a targeted grant, contact us at our grants desk: grants@ypbb.org. Please notify us of your grant cycle and provide any RFP details.

Below are links to in-depth documents that can assist you in the due diligence process.

YPBB Notarial Deed of Incorporation ENGLISH EMAIL
YPBB Notarial Deed of Incorporation INDONESIAN EMAIL
2006 YPBB Audit
2007 YPBB Audit
2008 YPBB Audit